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Infiny Stone Paper is approximate 80% calcium carbonate and 20% non-toxic resin which is used to bind the calcium carbonate. Stone paper’s carbon footprint is almost 60% less than traditional wood-pulp paper.

No, we have tested almost all ballpoints and ink pens on Infiny stone paper and they work perfect. Our notebooks are designed for pleasurable writing experience. Pen glides through as pages do not have any grain direction.

Infiny Stone papers are waterproof and tear resistant. They are smoother and brighter than regular papers. Anything written with pilot frixion pen is erasable with a wet cloth without damaging the page.

Infiny stone papers are reusable when written with pilot frixion pen. Anything written with pilot frixion pen is erasable with a wet cloth without damaging the page.

Paper industry is one of the most polluter of air, water and land globally. Almost more than 4 billion trees worldwide are cut down every year for paper which are almost 35 percent of all harvested trees. Each metric ton of Infiny stone paper saves 2770 liters of water, 18 large timber trees, 950 kg of carbon dioxide and 4720 kilowatts of energy.

Yes, Infiny stone paper are recyclable. It means that same product can be made from its own waste. It can be recycled just like regular paper. Burning stone paper reduces it to calcium carbonate which in turn can also be used as a filler in plastics. No harmful gases are released while burning of stone papers. Our Stone Papers are also photo-degradable. It means they degrade according to the intensity of UV they are exposed to in the landfills in different regions of the world. If it is kept in nature for 9 to 12 months, it will disintegrate without the exhaustion of any harmful gases..

Your pens are absolutely safe while using them on stone paper notebooks.

Infiny stone paper are tear resistant and is difficult to tear. It will stretch a bit before it tears.

Infiny stone paper folds like any regular paper.

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