🌳We Plant a tree for every notebook you buy. 15500+ Trees Planted🌳



We are a US-based company with a simple, global goal - help the planet and save trees. Our stone paper notebooks help us accomplish that while disrupting the stationery space with our tree-free, sustainable products.



Have we ever paused in our busy lives and gave a thought to how the world is evolving? We have been using many products which were invented ages ago at the same time many products have evolved by multifold.

Can we think of a life where communications were restricted to letters in the 18th century? Today we can communicate with our dear ones within seconds not just by calls but also by emails, pictures and videos.

Wood pulp papers were invented in the 18th century too. Earth was greener and not many gave a thought on protecting the environment. Time has changed! We are witnessing numerous issues on the environmental front, for instance, global warming, climate change, deforestation, waste management and what not. We need to evolve on multiple folds.

4 billion trees or 35% of the total trees cut around the world are used in paper industries. That equates to about 2.47 million trees cut down every day. There will be no rainforest left in a hundred years if we continue at the current rate.

 We need to change age-old ways and evolve!

 Infiny LLC took a small step in this process by launching tree-free notebooks. Infiny notebooks are made of stone papers. Stone papers are future-friendly, made from one of the most abundant substances on earth. They are made from waste stone produced by the mining industry and construction industry. Not one drop of water and not one tree was harmed in the making of these notebooks. 

 Infiny Stone Papers are better than traditional wood pulp papers. We don’t use trees, water, acid and bleach. Our paper is the whitest and smoothest paper available. It’s waterproof and tear resistant too.

 There are also cons to the ever-evolving technology. Even I completely got carried away with smartphones, laptops and what not. But later I realized the benefits of writing in a book versus typing on a smart device. It could be as simple as scribbling to as important as planning your day, the level of engagement is much higher when you use a pen and a paper. Angela Webb, a psychologist and chair of the National Handwriting Association, explained that engagement with the physical environment activated certain areas of the brain and stimulated cognitive development, so picking up a pen has a positive impact not just on literacy but on other disciplines too.

Let’s take a step forward in protecting the nature and also grow it further. Infiny plants a tree for every notebook we sell. Also, let's take a step back and don’t forget our writing habits for getting best out of everything we do.

Who We Are

Infiny was created in late 2017 by three cousins who saw the need for an alternative to the mass-market, paper-based stationery industry.

Our particular story begins with one of the most versatile writing platforms - the notebook. The stone paper notebook is our flagship product, and we’re only growing from here.

Designed in Santa Clara, we aim to disrupt the paper industry by providing an alternative to wood paper notebooks. The need and utility of paper is still in high demand, so we sought out to reinvent the wheel. Now you’re able to maintain your everyday paper use while saving trees and other precious resources. We believe in respecting the earth and all who call it home.

What We Believe

We aim to provide high-quality, innovative products in the stationery space while improving the environment. Our core values speak for themselves: