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Waterproof, tear-resistant and recyclable, our stone paper notebooks help turn your ideas into action.

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Paper That Saves Trees?

It’s true!

Infiny stone paper is tree-free, acid-free and bleach-free, meaning it not only saves the trees, but is better for the environment overall.

One ton of Infiny stone paper notebooks saves 18 large timber trees, 2,770 liters of water, 950 KG of CO2 emissions and 4,720 kilowatts of energy.

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Recycled Stone Paper That’s Better For The Planet

Infiny stone paper is tree-free, meaning it mainly consists of mineral powder and a small percentage of non-toxic resins.

Recycled stone is transformed into smoother and brighter papers. What’s better? The carbon footprint of stone paper is 60% less than traditional wood-pulp paper.

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Protect Your Ideas With Waterproof Pages

Stone paper is waterproof and tear resistant so your ideas are protected from damage. It’s also smoother and brighter than regular paper with a velvety feel.

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Design That Is Functional Yet Inspiring

Our stone paper notebooks are built for whatever you need - from jotting down notes, to keeping a journal or a diary and more, our notebooks are ready to hold your thoughts, cultivate creativity and inspire you as you write.

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Stone Paper Notebook Features

  • Waterproof Paper

    Spill water, coffee or even red wine without worrying about your pages. Your notes will stay intact when written with a regular pen and/or pencil. Just wipe off the liquid and you are good to keep writing.

  • Tear Resistant & Reusable

    As you can imagine, stone pages are more durable and sturdier than tree-based papers. The pages are also waterproof, making them compatible with erasable pens, like the Pilot FriXion pen. It is easily erasable with a wet cloth without damaging the page.

  • 100% Recyclable & Photodegradable

    Infiny stone papers are 100% recyclable and photodegradable. Burning stone paper reduces it to calcium carbonate, which in turn can also be used as a filler in plastics. No harmful gases are released while burning stone paper.

  • The Smoothest Paper You’ll Ever Use

    Stone pages are brighter and smoother than tree-based paper, as stone pages do not use wood, making the surface grainless and smooth. We also do not use bleach, acid or other chemicals to treat our pages.

  • Design That Inspires Creativity

    Not only is our stone paper better for writing, with its smooth and easy-to-write-on surface, but its uniqueness holds your next big idea and inspires you as you write.

  • Keeps You Organized

    Every stone paper page is thread bound to keep your entire notebook intact. The notebook also comes with an expandable back pocket for storage and a divider ribbon to easily bookmark where you left your last great idea.

Like normal wood pulp paper, only better.

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